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Ballet de niña de 19968 flores Aerosoles femenino de niña Serpiente gris 3df34ca -
Ballet de niña de 19968 flores Aerosoles femenino de niña Serpiente gris 3df34ca - Ballet de niña de 19968 flores Aerosoles femenino de niña Serpiente gris 3df34ca Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges Together

More than ever, healthcare supply chain and logistics managers are pressed to do more with less. More facilities – from network hospitals to physician offices. More SKUs. More pressure to control product and labor costs.

That’s why a growing number of health networks are choosing to do more with PAR Excellence.


No counting. No caregiver delays. The PAR Excellence solution for inventory control allows you to fully automate supply tracking.


PAR Excellence inventory control solutions go wherever you need them - from supply closets and nursing stations to ORs and procedural suites.


Put PAR Excellence tools to work controlling sutures, scrubs, pharmaceuticals and a range of other specialty supplies.


We know you're short on time and resources. That's why PAR Excellence solutions are designed and built for trouble-free operation.

Para caminar

Site-wide or in a single new room, PAR Excellence solutions are easy to install and easy for both supply technicians and caregivers to use.

24/7/365 SUPPORT

Your facilities never stop, so our support never quits. We're there for you around the clock.

The product is excellent. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do … manage and control our inventory.

They continue to improve their technology while maintaining consistent support after the sale.

Why Partner With PAR

For more than 25 years, PAR Excellence has been listening carefully to materials managers and logistics specialists and responding with solutions custom-engineered to solve your most difficult healthcare supply problems.

When you’re considering how best to control your inventory and your supply spend, call on an experienced, dependable partner, with a proven track record of innovation in automating inventory management. Call on PAR Excellence.

A Clear View of a Smarter Supplier Chain

PAR Vision software helps supply managers keep the pulse of inventory across their facilities in real time - for better purchasing and stocking decisions and lower costs.

Nonstop Supply Chain Support

Count on PAR storage and tracking technology and you can nearly eliminate cycle counts. And caregivers can simply take and use what they need, without obstacles that consume their precious time.

PAR technology never sleeps, keeping you continuously in tune with what clinicians are using, how much you need to restock or reorder, and how much you should keep on hand to minimize costs, overstock, shortage and expiration.

Does supply chain optimization get you excited? Us, too. Let's talk.

Call PAR Excellence at 800-888-7279